Dynamic content

shows users different content on the same page or in the widget.

Show your users different widgets or different content on the same page.

Targeting and personalization

Choose who can see widgets:

  • Date and Time

  • at the user's region

  • at the user's device type

    Specify which pages to display a widget for any goods, day of week and time of the show.

    You can, for example, displaying a different value of services depending on the region. For example, one price - for Moscow, another - for the regions. Or show the contacts depending on the region. Plus a variety of other settings, targeting, designed by professional marketers.

    You can choose and change dynamically


    Advertising slogans



    For information on region

    The discount amount or price

    Various accommodation options

    • The dynamic content embedded with widgets in the page of your site

      You can embed the widget in the right place pages of the site.

      • Pop-shaped

        Active invite the user to perform the desired action or show the necessary information.

        • The floating panel and buttons

          Always "at hand" visitor. Always visible on the page effectively attract the user's attention.

          • Widgets with unusual effects

            See the gallery of widgets and select a widget that needs you.


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